OCTOBER 6, 2018

Carmel offers many dog-friendly activities and outings. Attendees have several options for afternoon entertainment.

Beach Play

Poodles, poodle mixes, and their people can enjoy an afternoon of off-leash play and socializing at Carmel Beach from 1:00 p.m. to 3 p.m. The Poodle Day Team recommends using the 13th Avenue beach entrance. Visit the City of Carmel-by-the-Sea website for off-leash beach rules.

After playing in the sand or swimming, the dogs likely will need to freshen up before heading indoors. Most of the hotels in Carmel offer outdoor showers for cleanup after the beach, but beachgoers should plan to take towels to dry off their canine pals. Also available is a self serve dog wash at Pet Food Express in the Crossroads.

Other Activities
  • Leisurely stroll: Scenic Drive features breathtaking views and offers a prime vantage point for watching the poodles play on the beach.
  • Trail hiking: Mission Trail is a lovely, clean, and chipped wooded area that is perfect for a light hike. To pick up the trail, park near Eighth Street and Mountain View or along the road across from the Carmel Mission.
  • Wine tasting: Morgan Wine Tasting at The Crossroads.
  • Walking tour: For a guided walking tour of dog-friendly Carmel, contact Gale Gallagher of Carmel Walks or visit www.carmelwalks.com.
  • Golfing: Quail Lodge Golf Club allows dogs to tag along during their humans’ golf games.